entre cuidados y resistencias

Gender and environment : between care work and resistance

Every day there are millions of people whose lives are brought to a standstill by the excessive effects of human activity. Extractive and patriarchal capitalism has generated a society disconnected from itself and its environment. Most human beings feel detached from the nature surrounding them and believe they have the right to extract from it whatever they want without realizing the damage they are doing to themselves.

When the climate crisis is becoming more and more serious, women and gender dissidents are more likely to suffer its effects. "Gender and environment: between care work and resistance" presents the importance of understanding the climate crisis from a gender perspective. 

It is not a time to ask for permission to act. We are in constant resistance for our lives, and we are no longer silent. We need each other alive, strong, and together to save the Earth.

"My body, like the earth, is not for sale; it is defended"