About us

Who are the Nahualas

About us

We recognize that the prevailing social system in the world nurtures a patriarchal culture that oppresses us and that, at the same time, increases the destruction of nature. The mission of this collective is to make visible the relationship between gender oppression and the destruction of the environment and the differentiated impacts that the climate crisis entails for us. 

We seek to encourage dialogue by making use of non-violent communication to find collaborative solutions that promote the well-being of all people. The strategies that we have found useful and necessary to develop this are dialogue circles, art exhibits, workshops, intervention of public spaces, digital communication through social media, audiovisual formats such as short videos, which allow bringing people closer to the different environmental and gender issues, and the strengthening of alliances with other environmental groups and feminist collectives.

Gender and environment

Promote a gender perspective in the fight for the environment and environmentalism in feminist movements.

Land and territory defenders

Make visible the fight of women defenders of land and the environment.

Women in decision making

Promote self-managed, horizontal communities, and open channels so that women have greater sovereignty and power in decision-making in general, specifically concerning the sustainability of life.